Sleeper Sofa:sleep Apnea Product gallery Why is Prince Charles sleeping in a cat sleeping bag?

Why is Prince Charles sleeping in a cat sleeping bag?

Prince Charles and his wife Catherine are known to take on catnap.

They’ve taken their cat, Prince Rupert, on long walks in the countryside to enjoy the natural beauty of his surroundings and to relax.

But now, the couple are planning to make a change.

Prince Charles is currently wearing a sleeping bag to stay warm in his private quarters at the Four Seasons hotel in Dubai, and has been photographed sitting on a cat sleep pad with his head in the crook of his arms.

The Prince has not taken his cat for sleep since they arrived at the hotel in January to be introduced to their new cat, but has been staying at the Dubai hotel, the palace said.

“They are both extremely active, and we are taking them on short walks in their private quarters and in their own rooms, so that they have time to enjoy each other’s company,” Prince Charles said in a statement.

The royal couple will be staying in the Four Siders Bed and Breakfast Resort in Dubai for the next three months, the royal family said.

The palace said they will be allowed to take Prince Rupert for a few hours each night, as well as sleep in the royal suite at the Royal Palace.

It is not known whether Prince Rupert will be able to sleep in Prince Charles’ private quarters.

But the palace is encouraging the cat to stay on his own.

The Royal Family of the United Kingdom and its representatives in Dubai have not commented on the issue.

Prince Rupert is just one of several royal families to be photographed on cat sleep pads.

The Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and the Duchess of Cornwall are also staying in private rooms in the luxurious hotel, which has rooms overlooking the Dubai skyline.

The Princess of Wales also recently visited Dubai and is staying at The Palace of Versailles, the country’s most exclusive hotel.

The Duchess of Sussex is also staying at Versaillese, where the prince will also be staying, as part of her royal tour of the Mediterranean, which will conclude in Italy on September 30.

The prince’s brother, Prince Charles, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are staying in a private suite at The Crystal Palace, where they will continue their royal tour through Spain.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are also in a suite at one of the hotels owned by the Prince and Princess of Denmark.

Prince William and Catherine are staying at an unnamed luxury hotel in the Netherlands.

The first royal family has stayed at the luxurious Grand Hotel in the capital, Brussels, which is currently under construction and not yet open to the public.

Prince George, Prince Harry and the Princess of Scotland have been staying in an unnamed hotel in a hotel in northern France.

The rest of the royal families are staying elsewhere.

The King, Queen and Prince Philip, the Duchess and the Prince of Wales have also been staying out of sight at their residences in the United States.