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How to sleep better in bed

The first of its kind study is aimed at improving sleep habits in patients with sleep apnea syndrome.

Researchers say they hope the results will help patients stay awake longer, and lead to a cure.

A team of scientists led by Professor Hidetoshi Nakano of the National Institute of Health in the United States is the first to conduct a sleep study on patients with the disorder, which causes sufferers to sleep on their backs while lying down on their stomachs.

They say it has a profound impact on the quality of their sleep, and is often associated with chronic fatigue and other health problems.

The study is published in the journal Sleep.

Sleep disorders can affect anyone.

Most people experience fatigue and insomnia.

Nakano says the researchers used a technique called electroencephalography (EEG), which measures brain activity while people are asleep.

The team then analysed the brain waves that occur while people were asleep and found that those who had the condition sleep better.

This is a major improvement in sleep quality.

They also found that sleep duration was shorter for people with the condition.

Professor Hidetsugu Nakano, a professor of neurobiology and physiology at the National Institutes of Health, speaks during an interview in Tokyo.

“If you have the condition, you have a lot of sleep,” he said.

To help patients get the best sleep possible, the researchers will monitor sleep patterns throughout the day.

They also will measure the electrical activity of the brain when people are sleeping.

This will help them understand how the brain works when the body is asleep, he said, and also help researchers understand how sleep helps with the development of other diseases.