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Sleep hypnosis for babies

If you’ve ever had to put your baby to sleep, you may have experienced sleep hypnosis.

Sleep hypnotherapy involves trying to get your baby into a deep sleep.

However, this technique has many pitfalls.

One of them is that you’re trying to sedate your baby by using excessive amounts of hypnosis-like sounds.

Another is that your baby may wake up while you’re doing this.

You can try to calm the baby by holding him close and singing a soothing lullaby or by putting on a calm blanket.

Another option is to play soothing music or to use a gentle hand to calm your baby.

However you choose to do it, try to avoid hypnosis and instead try to get him into a sleep-like state.

Sleep hypnotherapies are popular among older parents, because they can help your baby learn how to sleep.

They’re also sometimes called “sleep aids” because they help your child to get into a state of deep sleep while also allowing them to fall asleep quickly.

Here’s how to use sleep hypnagogues to help your newborn sleep.