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Which Sleep Apnea Pillows Are The Best?

Sleep apnea, also known as sleep deprivation, is a condition in which the lungs cannot function properly.

According to the Mayo Clinic, about a third of adults with the condition will experience some form of breathing difficulties.

Most often, they’ll experience difficulty breathing through a mask.

But if the problem persists, the person may struggle to breathe through the breathing tube.

For some, breathing difficulties can lead to the person experiencing severe coughing, sneezing and difficulty swallowing.

According, the Mayo clinic, people with sleep apneas are more likely to have breathing problems than those who have normal sleep apnoea.

Here are the top sleep apnia pillow companies and brands.

Sleep Apnia Pillows Sleep Apneas can also affect the ability to feel pain and can cause difficulty breathing.

Sleep apnea is also known to affect the body’s response to cold and other body sensations.

Sleepapnea can lead you to experience symptoms of: dizziness and lightheadedness