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What’s in the Nyea’s campy ‘Campy Nyeas’ pillow?

The ‘Nyea’ pillow is the latest trend in the campy sleeping pad world.

Nyeas Campy Nyes is an offshoot of a mattress company called Nye.

The Nyeans Nyean are based in Australia and New Zealand.

“The Nyes have always been about camping and sleeping and they’ve always been comfortable,” said Nyes’ founder, James Nye, who founded Nye in 2009.

“But they’re now taking it to the next level with their campy pillow and it’s an absolute delight to be able to get some of that camping and sleep and relaxation into a sleepwear.”

The Nyans Nyes are made of wool and cotton, and are sold in a range of colours and sizes.

A mattress company known for their campers, the Nyes also make pillowcases, blankets and bedding.

In an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald, Nye said the Nyas Nye’s Campy nyeans have become a ‘favourite item’ among campers and sleepers, and were the first of their kind.

They are now available in a variety of colours.

“[The Nys] are a very unique and stylish product that people love to wear and I think it’s a very good fit for a camper,” he said.

The Nyoas Nyes can be ordered online or at their store.

Like many of the popular brands, the company has started selling its own sleep pads and mattresses.

As well as the Nyoans Nyan, other brands that have become campy include Campy Bed, Campy Pillow and Campy Sleep.