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How the Roma and Napoli games went down

By Football Italian staffI’ve always been a fan of Roma.

The city has always been my home and my family’s home.

But after losing the title to Napoli, I have to admit that the result was a disappointment.

As a fan, I didn’t like the way it was handled.

The refereeing was not good, and the refereeing of the match was bad.

I can understand the anger of the fans, but I don’t agree with the way the match started.

I don�t know what I think about the match, but my opinion was that we played badly.

That was the verdict from me.

I was disappointed in the referee.

It is not a big problem, because we played with energy, but we didn�t play like we had to.

The players were tired and it was difficult to play against.

For me, it was disappointing.

I was not happy with the match.

I think we had chances to win, but it was not a positive result.

I think we lost the game in the last minute.

It was a disappointing result.

It�s very disappointing.

The Roma fans were very disappointed, but not so much with me.

I didn�ve the chance to speak with them, because it was a very busy day at the stadium.

I spoke to them, and they were happy to hear my opinion.

In the end, I think it was the referee who gave the wrong signals to the referee, who made a mistake.

I wasn�t able to give the correct signals because I was tired.

The first half was not the right time.

We could have scored in the first half, and we could have had more.

It could have been different.

I thought the Roma players were very strong.

They were quick and I thought they were very well organised, because they didn�ts have much time to recover from the first goal.

I thought we should have had three or four more.

The second goal was good, but the goal after that was even better.

We were defending well, but in the second half, the Roma were not very good.

They couldn�t get into their defensive shape and we had some chances.

We had to score a goal, and it went in, but there was no real pressure on the referee to do that.

The result was not so good for me.

It did not feel right.

I know that some people think I am a fan and I am not.

I am the one who has the responsibility for the outcome.

I did not do anything wrong.

The match started very well, with good chances and good passes.

It started well, and then the first moment was really bad.

In my opinion, I should have played the ball more, because there were a lot of players behind me.

We did not play well and we were not able to score.

But it was also true that I had the chance.

I have to say that the referee did not give the right signals.

I believe that there was an element of selfishness in the Roma fans, who wanted to blame me for the referee�s mistake.

We should have been more disciplined, more intelligent.

The next day, I spoke with the officials and they told me that the game should have gone to extra time, but they decided to play the game.

We have to accept that we had a very bad first half.

It will be a big disappointment for me, because I don���t have a team.

I have no goals, no assists and no assists in the league.

I don�ts know what to say to my team. If we don�re lucky, we will be able to finish in the top four.

It would be a very, very difficult goal.

I feel like we are not playing well enough, because our quality is not good.

We need to improve and work hard.

We need to be better.

It wasn�s difficult for me to watch the match with my teammates.

The team is not very strong and we can only concentrate on our own problems.

We lost a game that should have come from us.