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The best sleeping bags in the UK

REI has announced that it has launched a new line of sleeping bags with an improved waterproof and breathable fabric, including one for women with allergies.

The new Sleepwell™ 4 and 5 have the same high-tech fabrics and new designs to make them comfortable for all body types.

The lightweight fabric is water-repellent and has a layer of a polymer layer to prevent any water from getting inside the fabric.

REI said the new products have been tested in an extreme cold environment, and are designed to last for up to two weeks in the coldest weather.

REIs products are available in three sizes, the 4, 5 and 7, and have an optional 7-night sleeper.

They also include a waterproof sleeping pad and a bag with a built-in air mattress.

RE I said its sleep bags are designed with people in mind, with the new designs taking inspiration from their high-end products.

“Our goal is to create a product that is comfortable, waterproof, breathable and will last for a year,” said REI Chief Marketing Officer, Tom Furlong.

“These products are designed for people who are sensitive to cold and who like to be in the warmest part of their lives.

We are always looking for ways to improve the products we offer, and we are pleased to have found new innovations in our products that can make them even more popular.”

REI sleep bags for women REI’s new sleep bags feature an improved polyurethane layer, a layer that protects against water damage and bacteria.

The polyuretha layer is comprised of an impermeable film made of polyethylene glycol, a synthetic rubber, and polyethylenimine (PE).

The film is made up of a layer made up mostly of the natural rubber.

When the polyurethalene layer is removed, it will separate into two layers, the inner layer and the outer layer.

The fabric is made of a water repellent, breathability fabric that is more water repelling than a normal fabric, and the layer has an outer layer of water repealant to absorb the water.

It is made to absorb moisture.

REIT said the fabrics were tested in extreme cold conditions and are the first to be tested in cold environments for the long-term.

“We have tested the polystyrene and polyuretene fabrics in extreme temperatures to make sure they are safe for the cold and to ensure that they can be used in extreme weather,” said Tom Rutter, Vice President of Product Development at REI.

“The REI brand has always been about making the best products possible, and this latest innovation with its waterproof fabric and its breathability, and our ability to offer the products for the most people possible is another example of that.”

REIT has created a new waterproof sleep bag for women in collaboration with the UK’s leading provider of sleep equipment, B&R Sleepwear.

The bags come in three different sizes, and include a breathable mattress pad, a waterproof pad and an air mattress bag.

The REI Sleepwell 7 for women comes with a waterproof, soft fabric that comes in a wide range of fabrics and is available in seven sizes.

REi said it wanted to provide the best quality sleep bag on the market, and with the support of B&R Sleep Wear, it has created the REI 5 for women.

The sleeping pad comes with one of two soft foam inserts, which are made of nylon, a soft fabric, that is designed to be soft enough to support a small baby or a toddler.

The pad also has a built in air mattress that is made out of an insulating, breathably fabric, which is designed for comfort in a cold environment.

RE i said the sleep bag features a lightweight, breathless fabric, making it the most breathable sleeping pad in the market today.

It also has an adjustable breathable pad for comfort and durability, and a waterproof and soft, breathproof fabric for comfort.

The breathable foam pad is made with polyethylenes, which absorb moisture from the air, and is designed with a soft feel that allows it to be worn by people with allergies and sleep disturbances.

The soft pad is designed in an open design for easy attachment to a pad and for an extra layer of protection, which can help keep the pad dry and dry to the touch when the pad is wet.

The sleep pad is available for both women and men, and comes with the option of a padded pad for more comfortable comfort when in use.

The B&&amp%R Sleepgear sleep pad for women is a softer foam pad that is water repelly and breathably soft, making the pad a great option for a woman with allergies who needs a more supportive mattress.

The ComfortSleep 4 for women has an insulator layer that insulates against sweat, which helps protect against cold.

The comfort pads feature a foam insert and a soft pad.

The foam pad offers a soft layer that