Sleeper Sofa:sleep Apnea Related articles Sleeping on a Backpacking Sleeping Bag for Two (and More) Source New Scientist

Sleeping on a Backpacking Sleeping Bag for Two (and More) Source New Scientist

New Scientist has launched a new feature, which allows users to upload images from their mobile phones, laptops, tablet or desktop to their site.

Users can choose between a wide range of different types of images for sharing on their site, from photos taken by their dogs to beautiful landscapes.

They can also upload any number of pictures and upload them to the site in various sizes. 

New Scientist said that images that are up to 25MB in size will be automatically selected for posting on the site.

Users can then choose to share their images on the front page, the back page, or to share the entire article. 

The feature was designed to help users share content that is more popular on social media platforms.

The site is a collaborative experience, meaning users are able to post their work directly from the device and share it with other users on the same site.

New Scientist’s new feature is a significant step towards making sharing and sharing alike easier, said co-founder of New Scientist Andrew Wiles. 

“This is a major step towards helping us to make sharing more seamless across the web and is an important part of our mission to democratise media and communication.”

Image credit: Flickr/Barry MoulterNew Scientist will soon launch a new product called New Screenshots, which will allow users to quickly and easily share their work to other users via a mobile device.

The feature, however, will not be available until late summer. 

According to New Scientist, the new feature will be available to all New Scientist users in the US and UK at some point next year.

Image credit:- Flickr/Michael RutterNew Scientist is one of the world’s largest science journalism organisations.

It has more than 11 million unique visitors a month.

New Scientist is part of the Science Media Alliance (SMAA), an alliance of more than 150 leading science and media companies that provide a range of digital media solutions to help journalists and readers get the best possible coverage of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.