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What’s Sleeping Beauty Fairytale Fairies, and why we’re so excited for this year

Are you a fairy tale lover?

We’re sure that you are.

The fairy tale fairies are a staple of children’s folklore, especially the ones inspired by Sleeping Beauty and Sleeping Beauty’s sisters.

While we’re not going to try to cover every fairy tale fairy tale story, this post is all about Sleeping Beauty Fairies.

These are beautiful and unique little creatures who look like little girls.

They come in all shapes and sizes, and are quite adorable.

Here are the top five Sleeping Beauty fairies that we’re most excited about this year.1.

Sleeping Beauty is the Beauty Fairy and Sleeping Bunnies are the Snow White Fairy and Snow White’s Snowball Fairies2.

Sleeping Beauties are an old-fashioned way to express your love of fairytales, but the Disney version is a bit more sophisticated3.

Sleeping Bunies are so cute and cuddly that they have their own hashtag.

You can find the hashtag on Instagram and Twitter4.

Sleeping Fairies are adorable little critters that live on trees and bushes and can be found at the fairgrounds of Walt Disney World and Disney California Adventure parks.5.

Sleeping fairies have the ability to sing, dance, make up, and even do everything.

We think these little people are adorable.

The Sleeping Beauty fairy is the most popular of the fairies and she sings and dances to “The Little Mermaid” and “Beauty and the Beast.”

She also has a great personality and can make great pets.

We’re really excited to see her in the Disney Parks in 2019.