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What is the difference between sleep and sleep deprivation?

Apple Watch sleep: A few things to know about the sleep trackers article Sleep is a function of a person’s biological clock.

When a person is asleep, the clock starts ticking.

When someone wakes up, the time in between the clock ticking stops.

Sleep is usually interrupted by light, sound and lightbulbs, but sometimes light can be switched on during sleep.

In sleep deprivation, the sleep-time length is cut short by a short period of time, called sleep paralysis.

In these cases, the person will feel as if they are awake.

If the person’s body temperature rises above a certain threshold, the body’s internal clock starts to function normally.

A person’s sleep-wake cycle is also controlled by the biological clock, but this is not always a problem.

However, it can be difficult to get the biological clocks to work well during periods of prolonged sleep deprivation.

When the sleep deprivation wears off, the individual becomes increasingly tired and tired to death.

The brain can then be forced to work harder and more slowly.

In some people, sleep paralysis is a symptom of depression.

Sleep deprivation can be extremely dangerous because it can cause permanent brain damage.

If you’re concerned about your health, you can contact your GP if you think you have sleep-related brain damage or other health problems.