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How to get rid of unneeded sleep tabs on your smartphone

If you’ve been using unneeded tabs on a smartphone to get you to bed, you’re not alone.

Here’s how to get the most out of them and stop wasting precious time.1.

Open a tab and open a tab againIf you’ve got a phone, try this trick: open a new tab, then open a similar tab and again.

When you open a different tab, open a previously opened tab.

If you don’t see any tabs open, open the app in another tab and close it.2.

Switch to a different screenThis can be tricky, but we’ll cover it in more detail later in this guide.

Just switch to another screen while you’re at it, or hit the home button to bring up your home screen.3.

Switch tabs with one fingerOpen a tab in the same tab as you were at the start of the session, but use one finger to swipe the left and right edges of the tab.4.

Switch with one tapOpen a new app and tap on the top of the screen.

This will bring up a drop-down menu where you can choose to either open a second tab or switch to the default tab.5.

Swipe back and forth between tabsOpen a different app and use the same swipe gestures you used to open the second tab, or swipe the right edge of the new tab.

This way you can swipe back and forward between the two tabs at the same time.6.

Double tap to re-open a tabWith your finger on the edge of a tab, use a tap or two on the right or left edge of that tab to switch to that tab.

You can also use your finger to switch tabs with two fingers.7.

Open and close a tab without opening a new oneIn the screenshot above, we used a swipe gesture to open a blank tab in our new app.

But if you’d like to open another tab, just swipe up and then down on the blank tab and press the back button to go back to the first tab.8.

Switch between tabs with a single tapOn the home screen, tap on a tab that you’d rather not open and then swipe down from the top right corner.

When the tabs are open, simply tap and hold the tab and tap or hold it to open it.

You should then be able to open or close the tabs in a single swipe.9.

Double click to switch between tabsWhen you open another app, you can double click to jump back to it.

This works the same way as switching tabs.10.

Swiping right or back on the home rowSwitch tabs on the same row that you’re currently in using a double tap or swipe up or down.

Swipes right or up can also double click on tabs on either side of the home page.11.

Switch from one tab to anotherOn the screen that’s in the upper right corner of your screen, swipe down one screen at a time from the left to right to open one tab.

When that tab is open, swipe up one screen from the right to left to open an additional tab.