Sleeper Sofa:sleep Apnea About Us Gomukh and Nadeem make it clear that India’s political turmoil and its economic woes are real

Gomukh and Nadeem make it clear that India’s political turmoil and its economic woes are real

A month after Prime Minister Narendra Modi was ousted by a Congress-led government, Nadeer Gomuchh and his son Nadeesh have called for an end to the political and economic chaos in the country.

The leaders of the Congress and its allies in the coalition government, however, have rejected the calls for dialogue, saying the prime minister’s ouster was “a complete, complete and total defeat of our democratic institutions”. 

Gomuchhpal and Nadesh made the remarks in an open letter to the Congress on Sunday, according to a report in The Times Of India. 

“Our democracy is in crisis, the country is experiencing political, economic and social upheaval, and we are facing the possibility of a complete and complete defeat of democracy,” they said. 

Gomeemh and Naresh Nadeepgum said in the letter that they are not satisfied with the way the government has been handling the situation in the nation. 

They said that the political system in the world is in a state of chaos and the country will face the same in the future. 

According to The Times, the letter was signed by Gomucha and Nuneem Gomugham, who are in charge of the Indian National Congress and are leading a coalition government. 

In the letter, Gomuche and Ndheem said that a national dialogue between the political parties is a good thing and that it is the right thing to do. 

However, they did not offer an alternative solution to the crisis in the political world. 

Nadeem Gomeem told The Times that the country needs a political system which has the capacity to lead the country out of this crisis. 

A senior Congress leader also said that India is not ready to make such a move. 

This is a complete, total defeat and we have seen it in the last two years, he said.

Nadeesh Gomehm said the political crisis in India has caused the country to become an economic basket case. 

The leaders of India’s Congress party said that they have no interest in a dialogue with the BJP-led coalition. 

Meanwhile, the BJP has rejected the letter and called for the “opposition to continue to demand that the Centre should hold talks with the opposition.” 

“We will continue to pressure the opposition and the Opposition Congress and will continue the pressure on the Prime Minister to talk to them,” BJP spokesman Rajesh Kumar told PTI. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is facing a series of political crises after he was ousted on December 15 by the Congress party. 

He has also been accused of rigging the election in favour of Congress candidate Ram Naik.